How To Create Your Hashtag

It’s easy to make a hashtag. But it isn’t so easy to create a good one.

Follow these steps to create effective social media hashtags.

  1. Use capital letters at the front of each word to help clarify your message.
  2. Don’t try to be clever with your hashtag. After all, if no one searches for your hashtag, then it won’t benefit your marketing!
  3. Keep your hashtag as short as possible. Using too many words in your hashtag will lessen the impact of your message. And it can give also people a headache!
  4. Don’t hashtag just any word. For example, your post might relate to eating candy at the movies. But using #candy in your post is likely a waste of a hashtag. After all, the odds of getting seen among millions of other people who are using the hashtag #candy are slim to none. On the other hand, your post is much more likely to get noticed if it uses a specific hashtag, like #CandyAtTheMovies.

6 Strategies For Using Social Media Hashtags

#1 Boost your social media outreach

Hashtags are searchable on social media. So, using them in your posts makes your business more discoverable. Here’s a bonus benefit of using hashtags for organic search: some sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram let profile page biographies show up in hashtag searches.

#2 Find and Join Conversations on Social Media

One way to take advantage of hashtags is to search the trending ones and join in on conversations people are having. Think of hashtags as social gatherings. It’s your chance to shine, to show off your personality, and to gain name recognition. But like any kind of social gathering, you need to know the do’s and don’ts and the social norms ahead of time.

#3 Social Listening/Research/Product Development

Another one of the benefits of social media hashtags for business owners is that you can read conversations your target audience is having. This is otherwise known as social listening. Use this tactic to figure out their pain points. You can then create specific content, solutions or products to address their pain points/needs.

#4 Create Your Own Branded Hashtag

As we mentioned earlier, creating your own branded hashtag with your business and/or product name can help you monitor your visibility on social media.

#5 Built your community

Social media platforms are embracing this phenomenon. Instagram lets you follow specific hashtags like you would follow friends or companies.Twitter Chats allow people to join in, learn, and discuss ideas.  

Use of Hashtags in Social Media

Hashtags aren’t a cool type of thing. And they aren’t just a trend that needs to be adopted. They’re a means of communicating and expanding your business on social media.

First of all, you have gotto know the quality of hashtags. They aren’t simply a cool trend. There are several sensible uses for social media users. Hashtags are used to group together posts about a particular topic.

For example, any post that includes the hashtag #sportsapparel will appear in social media search results for the search term #sportsapparelThis helps the searcher find and participate in discussions about sports apparel.