3 Best Tips for calligraphy

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 Calligraphy is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument, brush or other writing instruments.
Calligraphy adds creative flair to correspondence, parties, decorations, art projects, and more. Here I will explain the basic to the calligraphy alphabet and teach you beginner techniques you can use to practice making letter forms. You’ll learn about the tools and materials every calligrapher needs and how to hold and use the pen, starting with basic strokes.

Here are some of the best tips which the calligraphy beginners can never miss.

 1. Understand where the “thicknesses” go.

This is embarrassing, now that I know what’s what, but when I used to attempt (what I thought was) calligraphy, I thought that the thicker parts were shadows.

Like, I’d write my word out in cursive, and then think about where the light would hit, and then draw in shadows.

Calligraphy tips

2. Don’t look for “calligraphy pens”.

This is improving, as the big art stores recognize that modern calligraphy is catching on, but it’s still something I have to clarify for my students all. the. time.When you head into an art store looking for supplies to get started, DON’T look for the “calligraphy pens”.

But generally, if you look for “calligraphy pens”, what you’ll find are chisel-tipped or broadedged tools.

This not what you’re looking for if you want to do modern calligraphy.

These tools are used for older, more traditional forms of calligraphy, and they’re totally different.

Calligraphy pens

3. Know that calligraphy ≠ cursive.

If you grew up sometime before the 2000’s, you probably learned how to write in cursive, right?

(If you didn’t, you’re actually in a GREAT position for learning calligraphy. No bad habits to break!)

And most people learning calligraphy for the first time (myself included, way back when!) assume that calligraphy is just cursive, but with the added thicknesses.

But remember at the end of point #1, when I mentioned that the word “hello” still looked a little off?

It’s because calligraphy is NOT the same as cursive.

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